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Find The Animals – Tash n Trash

Find The Animals – Tash n Trash

Find the Animals is the best and free learning source for your kids, toddlers and your growing children, Find the Animals is an amazing learning game that will teach the animals name to your growing kids.

Find the Animals is an interesting and incredible free learning game for kids in which kids select one animal whose name is written in notes showing in the bottom-left corner of your mobile phone.

In Find the Animals game, if your answer matches with the animal name written in the note then it will show that your answer is correct and there will be clapping for appreciating that right answer, the interesting thing is that when you select the animal and the answer is correct, then animal make the real sound. And if the animal is not whose name written in the note then it will show that you have selected the wrong animal.

Find the Animals is more and more interesting game, and its gameplay and real-time environment will gain the kids’ interest and most of all it is addicting just because in this game there are almost all categories of animals.

Categories of Animals:
– Farm Animals
– Polo Animals
– Under-Water Animals
– Jungle Animals
– Savanna Animals
– Forest Animals

The Animals’ Sounds are just real that kids will enjoy it because kids like the different sounds of animals and they will show their interest in Find the Animals. The Game provides the many benefits to your child’s growth, the kids will learn through this game and with this they will also enjoy while playing the game.

Features of Find the Animals:

Provides all categories of animals
Provide the real Sounds of animals
Provides Kids’ learning and entertaining Environment
Provides the excellent stunning graphics
Provides the real environment of animals

Find the Animals specifically made for kids, so while playing game they can learn and remember the animals’ names for their entire life and it will blow the kid’s mind and their brain will get grooming, so just download and install this super excited and absolutely free fun and learning game for your toddlers

If you have any query or suggestion to improve this game please let us know by dropping us an Email, your opinion will be highly appreciated and it will help us to improve the game.



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11th January 2018