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Get a free video games for a value of

20.000 €

We have one of the best

profiling strategies and user monetization.

Temple Rumble Jungle Adventures Afroball

How is work

No production costs

The cost of production will be sustained by us, we will take care of the idea, development and monetization process.

No maintenance costs

A video games has a very high maintenance cost, but do not worry we will keep it updated to the current trend and at all times with the highest performance.

No marketing costs

Marketing manages results and gains, it makes ideas go viral and reaches wanted leads. We generate the highest profits from advertising and in-app purchase, we acquire users at lower prices and we generate the leads set at ZERO cost for you.

Advertising budget on your part

A successful video game requires a first boost to reach a TOP 10 ranking on the App Stores

Profit sharing

High monetization from in-app purchases and advertising views comes from the number of downloads and quality users.

Your logo at the opening of the video game

Users will associate your company with a feeling of pleasure, thanks to the fun that will be transmitted, thus strengthening brand awareness and brand identity by crediting your company at the start of the game.


Visibility of a full-screen banner that creates a call to action (call to action) bringing the user to your website or landing page.

Registration of users' cookies

Thanks to the cookie technology every user who downloads the video game will be monitored and followed on the various partner websites through the use of re-marketing campaigns

How to make your own video game?

Bitbuu Games has thought of a solution that allows partners and itself to obtain revenues from in-app purchases and from advertising mediation in order to fully offset the costs incurred for the creation of the video game by Bitbuu and the advertising campaigns by the partner.
The system consists in the partner allocating an advertising budget to the game that will be used to quickly scale the ranking of the App Store through ``boost``, the latter will generate an ``Organic Uplift`` effect or a number of organic downloads as a result.
The allocation for an initial minimum number of downloads is in fact able to generate a high volume of organic traffic in the following weeks

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Video Games
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video games for company
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How does a monitored video game work?

It brings the video game to the top 10 in the ranking of the App Stores Google Play and iTunes

Make your own video gamePlayers will see full screen banners of your promotions and services

conversion video gameYour video game prepares the user psychologically to associate pleasure in seeing your brand in connection with the fun. Landing on your landing page (service / initiative) your proposal will feel less detached and your brand less unfamiliar.

Make your own video game now!

Complete the form to download the complete PDF

Complete the form to download the complete PDF to make your own video game

It brings the video game to the top 10 in the ranking of the App Stores Google Play and iTunes

A user doesn’t click on your banner inside the game because he is not interested at that specific time? (We will present again the banner several times).

Facebook pixel

  • We register users cookies to target them later on
  • we will follow the user on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook and on all portals that host the advertising of google and its partners
  • Thanks to google analytics and Facebook analytics we will be able to perfect all steps day by day.
Get a free video game for a value of € 20.000
Launch your idea now!

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