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Mobile games are accounting for more than 50% of the global games market

Mobile games industry

Mobile games are accounting for more than 50% of the global games market

There’s no denying that mobile games are very popular. You can always find people playing games while commuting and having fun with them. This is a thriving industry that reached around $137.9 billion, and it continues to impress everyone with astounding ideas and a tremendous set of opportunities.

The interesting thing is that the mobile games market has an increase of 13.3% when compared to the previous year. Another thing to keep in mind here is that the digital game revenues are taking around 91% of the global market, with $125.3 billion in total. While you can still find physical game stores, it’s clear that going digital is the future, and it has the potential to offer outstanding results in the end.

But the most interesting thing is that mobile gaming continues to be the largest segment in the industry. The mobile game industry grows 25.5% every year, to the point where it reaches $70.3 billion and it shows no signs of stopping. 80% of this comes from phones, and the remaining 20% comes from tablets.

For the past decade, the industry managed to have a double-digit growth. The sheer thing of achieving so much is unprecedented, but then again it shows the true power of the industry and you are bound to be quite appreciated of how everything grows and evolves in the industry. It’s definitely a remarkable achievement, and one that has the potential to pay off a lot in the long run.

The future looks bright for the mobile game world. But the same thing can be said for the consoles and PCs. $32.3 billion will be generated by this industry in 2021 alone, so there’s definitely a whole lot to be had when it comes to stuff like this.

The gaming industry is perfect for investments like this, mainly because it always grows, it evolves and it brings in front new reasons for people to come back and use the mobile devices. In addition, the industry is segmenting more and more. It all comes down to what the customers want, and the industry certainly listens to that.

japan's mobile game market

Japanese people tend to spend the most, with other countries like the US and China spending a lot of money on games as well. The same countries lead the mobile and PC leaderboards, a testament to how invested people in the US and Asia are when it comes to games.

infographic China mobile game market

If you want to invest in a growing industry, then the best thing you can do is to choose the mobile games industry. The industry has been growing for a very long time, and it’s certainly one of the best things you can invest in right now. With a huge revenue growth, the mobile games industry still has a lot of untapped potential and it always welcomes new investors and companies. That’s why you should consider investing in the mobile games industry, and we are here to help you with all of that!

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