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Using the best guerilla marketing ideas to generate more customers

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Using the best guerilla marketing ideas to generate more customers

One of the best things you can do is to try and promote your company in a creative way. The best guerilla marketing ideas don’t have to be very challenging. You just need some good, unique ideas that really work, and the experience can be very interesting here. Here you have some unique ways to promote your business the right way.

Video Games are bringing the best guerilla marketing ideas

The reason is simple, video games have a lot of exposure. Since you want to use any means at your disposal to generate more exposure for your company, try to use games. They reach a lot of people. Yes, plenty of people play them and the uniqueness of the entire experience is well worth it for sure. You will be quite impressed with the way things pay off, and the results can be well worth it in the long term. Granted, there are bound to be some hassles here and there, but in the end nothing is impossible. You just need to have the right focus and commitment, with results being more than ok in no time.

Street advertising

One of the coolest things about street advertising is that you can do it without a problem. It’s one of the guerilla marketing ideas that work great. Of course, you have to talk with the authorities and get the right paperwork. But it’s worth it, because people will see your brand and they will be more enticed to get your stuff. Which is what you need, in the end.

Open a small pop up shop

The reason why this is a great guerilla marketing idea is that you can easily open and remove the stop as you see fit. You can promote your business in an area, then move it to another place. It’s interesting, unique and well worth your effort. And while you may have to adapt a few things, it’s still one of the coolest ways to obtain a unique experience!

Give free samples

People love free stuff. So getting some free samples does make a lot of sense here. You have to adapt things and modify them in any way you want. And in the end, nothing is better than allowing people to try out your stuff. It really is a unique opportunity to gain more customers. And used rightfully, this can really work exactly the way you want.


Stickers are always fashionable and fun. Not only that, but they bring great guerilla marketing ideas and opportunities. You can create stickers for your company and share them with everyone you can. It works great, customers will love them and you will generate more leads. It’s the best thing you can have, and it’s well worth it.

In conclusion, there are lots of unique guerilla marketing ideas out there. You just have to know how and when to adapt them. Done properly, these things can do wonders. Just try them out and you will see the unique benefits you can acquire here!

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