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Making of Temple Rumble Afroball Adventures

Cover portfolio Afroball Temple Rumble

Making of Temple Rumble Afroball Adventures


Discover the story behind the scenes clicking on the video, come inside the kocontin jungle with Afroball, Teresina, Polpetta and Bitbuu team!

The world where Kokotani people  live is protected, some people believe that the universal forces (once called Gods by them) are the creators of harmony that governs them and guide them. the Kokotanis respect those forces deeply; some of them build magnificent objects that offer with devotion. This civilization follows the harmonic laws, that they believe can managed all to live happily. Life in this way finally is the show that should be.

The kokotanis have build the perfect TOTEM, the closest to Harmony of all:  The “Mandala”.  There are, as often happens, controversial opinions, but they all agree that its presence, maintains the necessary balance.

The “Mandala” is located in the temple built under the volcano, which  impose itself with its presence on all over the jungle and is still active on its top surrounded by clouds of steam. To monitor the “Mandala” is the great Rino, a wise old man, holder of the tradition and with great magical powers. In the world of Kokotani this is just a preventive protection as their life flows serene, unimpeded, with around a nature that bestows upon them every conceivable benefit.

But one day, the volcano begins to move the bowels of the earth, causing earthquakes and rising in the sky a large cloud of steam and ash that oppresses the air. Afroball, lived close to Rino and learned to use the great qualities that Rino himself has said not to reveal, he decided to make partakers his friends of his intentions, against the same opinion Rino, he has decided to leave to stop volcano, but first he must find out the reason for his furious “rabies”, since the harmony was never violated by acts contrary to its flow. Teresina, a beautiful girl devoted to Harmony, decide alone to go to the temple to talk to Rino and understand why the volcano is agitated and find a way to calm him down. Polpetta, they gorilla friend, big and strong as he is, is confident that he can cover the mouth of the volcano with a large stone to make it shut up once and for all.

Teresina and Polpetta will, unbeknownst to them, the same path in the jungle as the one chosen by Afroball, but all with their particularities will face the path differently.

Teresina being very light, its a magical talent, will surpass the most difficult obstacles without much effort, as will succeed in taming the animals frightened by the great change and adverse to any approach to the volcano.

The Gorilla however, impulsive and a pure heart, will face the dangers opposing with its inestimable strength but not always useful and Teresina intervene here, because only the group may be able to overcome the extreme difficulties and not the individual even if endowed with extraordinary powers as Afroball. So they will gather together to fight the powers of evil that triggered the volcano.

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